Fuzion Frenzy inspired game Aeolis Tournament will release on July 16th

Written by Ankit Gaba

Recently in a press release, Beyond Fun Studio has announced the release date of their debut game Aeolis Tournament, and they have also released a trailer which you can find here. Aeolis Tournament is a frantic eight-player party game which is set to release on PC, MacOSX, Linux and Nintendo Switch it will have a 15 percent discount for a week then it will come back to its full price of 14.99$

Aeolis Tournament is a Super Mario Party inspired game, where eight players can compete in different types of modes based on simple mechanic characters, will have the ability to use an air cannon to control the wind and affect the surroundings near the characters Aeolis tournament is a game in the vein of Fuzion Frenzy. Aeolis Tournament will have physics-based gameplay, tournament mode, and local co-op. You can currently play the demo on Steam, but you will have to wait for the release to play Aeolis Tournament on Nintendo Switch

Some of the Key Features:
• Up to 8 players Multiplayer Offline/Online cross-platform
• Simple controls/mechanic: accessible and fun for all type of players
• 6 game modes and six characters!
• Achievements and progression system with unlockable items
• Customization: fashion items & character skins
• Will be supported with new content post-launch (game modes, characters, items)

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