Halo Infinite will feature a Grappling Hook according to a new leak

Written by Ankit Gaba

Someone Spotted the Footage of a Grappling Hook in Halo Infinite on the video “We Are 343 Industries” at the time frame of 5:32.


The Textures look bad but that is not the final build it could be a test map for the game, The leaker said that the footage could be 10 Months Old. According, to some older leaks the game might even feature a Semi-Open World.

The person who leaked the footage also said that it might feature an open world.


This is the first time a Halo game might feature a Grappling Hook.

But it still might not be final since the footage is from the time when the game was in Early Development it could’ve just been a test.

Doom Eternal will also feature a Grappling Hook they might have been inspired by id Software.

Halo Infinite AKA Halo 6 is set to launch with Xbox Scarlett it is being developed by 343i. They are using the SlipSpace Engine to create the game. The game itself continues the story of Master Chief in the Third Chapter of Halo Sequel Series. Halo Infinite will feature Split-Screen CO-OP after a huge amount of backlash from Halo 5. According to Microsoft, Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite with “his greatest adventure yet to save humanity”.

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