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A New PlayStation Exclusive Final Fantasy Title will be revealed in June

Written by Ankit Gaba

According to recent reports, a New Final Fantasy Game is scheduled to be revealed in June, which will most likely be at an E3 Presentation. I think this title might be Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Two since Square Enix has been working on it. These leaks come from Navtra, who has leaked multiple things about Square Enix in the past, such as Project Athia and Final Fantasy XVI Exclusivity to PlayStation.
Navtra stated, “I believe we’re getting two major SE reveals this June: A PS5 exclusive FF title and a cross-gen Eidos title.”
I think this is definitely Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Two because Square Enix also recently trademarked some names that might be related to the next parts of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I really hope that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Two improves in the Combat section along with Story because I found the Combat System very mediocre.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Two’s Story is supposed to go beyond people’s expectations, according to its co-director hopefully, and this turns out to be true since I was not a big fan of the story in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It just felt too inconsistent for some reason.
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