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5 Tips and Tricks for Assassin’s creed origins

Written by Ankit Gaba

These are 5 Tips for Assassin’s Creed: Origins. This Assassin’s Creed takes you back to ancient Egypt as you play as a Medjay named Bayek as you explore the origins of the Brotherhood of Assassins and learn of the Order of the Ancients.You explore Egypt and represent the story of Bayek. The Assassin’s Creed Series is Huge. There are many games and many comics of different characters.You play as Bayek, a Medjay ranger on a revenge quest to take out a mysterious masked group of murderers, And that’s just for starters. So to help you along your journey Here are five tips of assassin’s creed origins

Tip Number #1,

SE-NEW and improved

The first Major thing that sets this game apart is your eagle companion, Senu. Synchronizing at only high points is not only great for getting familiar with the area and earning XP, but it also extends Senu’s perception and detection rates.        Eagle Vision lets you cruise around the world from her perspective, Where you can do things like home in on, and tag people or places of interest or fast travel to your previous location. And with the eagle harass skill, You can use her to mess with your enemies harass them regardless or in some cases, take them down herself.

Tip Number #2

The Equip Mental

 Alongside the improved combat system, The equipment in this game is epic. There are all sorts of damage dealing epic weapons to find and choose from, with each offering different fighting styles and perks. Regarding the actual equipment, you’ll want to get your hands on rare and legendaries. These weapons will have perks like increasing your adrenaline or poisoning your enemies. And when you find an item that you like and want the item you can upgrade it at the blacksmith. So it levels with you.

Tip Number #3

Level Up

So often in games, we find ourself facing enemies way tougher than we are. But in many cases. We manage to get through it. Good luck trying that in this game. Levels are pretty important to pay attention to Assassin’s creed origins.We suggest the two-level rule. Any enemy two or more levels higher than you are going to give you a bad time. Think of the skull as an indicator of your fate. There will occasionally be level requirements gaps in the main quest lines as well. In this case, you’ll want to gain levels quickly, so you’re the best bet is to look for side quests. There’s a traveling merchant that offers daily quests too. So keep an eye on these since they’re time-sensitive. As we mentioned before, another way to earn XP is to unlock those fast travel points. You can gain a little extra XP by hunting as well. It won’t net you ton, but you’ll be gathering materials that will allow you to craft and upgrade things like Bayek’s quiver size, Hidden blade damage. You’ll gain a lot of other items while hunting that you’ll be able to sell merchants. Not sure to which things to get rid off? There’s an option when talking with the vendor to sell unnecessary items, and it’ll get rid of all the stuff that you don’t need.

Tip Number #4


 Origins is a lot more of an action RPG than previous Assassin’s Creed games which means you’ll have a different style of skill tree to choose from its worth your time to take a good look through it. there are three classes to choose from: Hunter, Warrior, and Seer And there are skills in each class you want to check out bow bearer, and weapon bearer both are invaluable skills because they let you equip two bows or two melees, Which you could then cycle between mid-combat

Tip Number #5

Papyri Scrolls

If you skip through find items without reading the text with them, You may miss what papyri scrolls have to offer. You’ll find these throughout the world, and they’ll give you hints that lead to buried treasure. This is the type of treasures that Senu cannot help to find and because these treasures are always given rare or legendary items along with 500 XP. You might want to spend time on searching them. The scrolls you’ve already collected can be found in your inventory menu on the right side. Assassin’s creed origins is a massive game full of jaw-dropping scenery and color, yet it’s wrapped comfortably in the universe we know and love. The additions and improvements made to this game help take the Assassin’s Creed series a solid step in the direction that fans have been asking for. So take your time and enjoy exploring the vast desert, Assassins. Just watch out for sandstroms and another thing that Assassin’s creed origins runs full native 4k on the Xbox One X and ps4 pro too.

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