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3 Tips and tricks for Super Lucky’s Tale

Written by Ankit Gaba

Super Lucky’s Tale is an indie game released on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows. It is an Xbox exclusive game. It is a 3D platform game that game is just like Super Mario Odyssey but super Mario odyssey is more like an open world game.It is a sequel to Lucky’s Tale.It is a Play anywhere title. Just in case if you don’t know what is a play anywhere title if when you buy the game on your Xbox One, it will automatically download to your PC only if you have windows 10 and you’re signed in on the same windows account. It will automatically start downloading just if you have purchased the digital copy.

So Here Are The Top 5 Tricks And Tips For Super Lucky’s Tale


Collecting the little clovers can really help you.The main goal of the game is to collect those clovers. There are Four Clovers in each world. There are going to be some portals That will unlock you as advanced. Each of these portals will take you to a different stage, and each stage has four clovers as mentioned above. You will get one clover for collecting every letter of word Lucky. You will see these clovers in the way through completing your level, and if you skip a letter, then you have to go back and collect the letter through the level to find the letter that you have missed. You can pause the game to see which ones you already collected. You can earn another clover by getting 300 coins. The big diamonds are worth 50, so you have to keep an eye out for those. Now there’s a clover for solving a hidden puzzle in the level that is hidden somewhere. And at last, you will get a clover for completing a level. Once you have collected the last clover, it will pull you out of the portal.


There could be hidden coins, clovers, etc so. Don’t forget to check everything. Check every single place in the whole game. There are hidden goodies, and they could be anywhere. So always be sure to break stuff. Jump on things. Check all the little nooks and crannies. Some coins are invisible, and if you want to get another clover, you would need to have 300 coins.


While doing the levels, you will find little stopwatches. Some of the stopwatches will respawn you if you fail. But many stopwatches will increase time.

So what do you think? about these tips

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