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There are 4 Modern Warfare Games planned to release according to new leaks

Written by Ankit Gaba

The Gaming Revolution Recently confirmed that there are 4 Modern Warfare games planned to Release Each story is going to take down a horseman and give more story to other characters, such as Sandman, Ghost, Soap, etc. They want to expand the Story of these characters perhaps this could either be a Single Player DLC.

Previously, TGR said that

“My source is insisting right now that MW2 remastered multiplayer is still in development and is still being tested on.”

and he mentioned that it wasn’t an April Fool’s day joke.

Activision earlier explained in a blog post why there was no multiplayer for Modern Warfare 2 Remaster

“Beginning with Modern Warfare last year, the focus has been to bring players together seamlessly in one unified online multiplayer playground. With cross-play, releasing new post-launch maps, modes, weapons and more content drops for free, and launching Warzone, the Free-to-Play, Free-for-Everyone new Call of Duty experience, the Modern Warfare universe will expand, bringing new experiences to players. 

We’ve played iconic Modern Warfare series maps of past returning in the new Modern Warfare, including classic maps like Rust, Shipment, Crash and Vacant. Plus, in Warzone we’ve also experienced classic Modern Warfare series locations like Gulag and Boneyard in new ways

Rather than release a separate, multiplayer experience as a standalone pack, Activision and Infinity Ward are looking to bring more classic map experiences to new life within the Modern Warfare universe as it continues to grow and build over time.”

So they are going to bring the Classic Maps of Modern Warfare 1, 2 and 3 to Modern Warfare 2019’s Multiplayer instead because they don’t want to split up the player base.

TGR also said that MW3 was getting a remaster too.

Or it could be hidden inside the MW2 Campaign Remaster since the size was 45GB for example MW1 Remaster had both multiplayer and campaign at launch, and it was 40GB.

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