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10 Franchises That We Could See Returning In This Year’s E3

Written by Ankit Gaba

1.Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell


Walmart CA Leaked that there would be a new Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. It has been Like 5 Years since we saw the last splinter cell there are many leaks that we could see a new splinter cell game this year. Even in tom clancy’s ghost recon wildlands, Sam Fisher was available to download. That Maybe a hint about the next splinter cell game. Ubisoft Said with The Crew 2 And Tom Clancy’s Division 2 they have an unannounced game for this year’s E3. That Could be splinter cell or even Prince Of Persia or a new Assassin’s Creed.

2.Prince Of Persia

The last Time we saw a Prince of Persia game was like in 2010 after that we never saw a new Prince of Persia game. Because of the Assassin’s Creed’s Hit. They mainly focused on Assassin’s Creed. But now? Can we see a new prince of Persia game at this year’s E3? It depends. Prince Of Persia is a classic in video games. it used to be Ubisoft’s One Of The Strongest IP’s But Assassin’s Creed took that away from Prince Of Persia. We aren’t saying that assassin’s creed is bad. both games are great and have a different feeling.

3.Skate 4

We Haven’t Seen a new Skate game since last 8 years. Skate 3 was the Perfect skating Simulator. and no skating game could to that for last 8 years. Fans really wanna see a new skate game. But would it be filled with loot boxes? No, EA Has learned a lot from star wars Battlefront 2. And they won’t do that again if there would be loot boxes in Skate 4. They would only be Cosmetic. Like in battlefield V they announced that loot boxes in battlefield V would Only be cosmetics for multiplayer and won’t change any experience or atmosphere of the game.

4.Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 3

According to the leak of plants vs zombie’s new book. We could see Plants Vs Zombie Garden Warfare 3 At this year’s E3. Yes, it’s true. fans would love that a lot. But there would be loot boxes. the good thing is that they would only be cosmetic and won’t change any in-game experience and atmosphere. Because EA has learned from star wars battlefront 2 mistake and they would never do that mistake again. If we could See Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 3 That would be Awesome. and it would make all the EA fans happy.

5.The Witcher 4


CD Projekt Red Has already confirmed witcher 4, but still, we haven’t seen a trailer or got any more information about the Witcher 4 from CD Projekt Red. According to our sources, Witcher 4 has been in development for 3 years and would release in 2019 or 2020. The main character may not be Geralt. Because he’s already 100 Years Old. But witchers don’t age like humans so we could see Geralt as the main character too. There could be anything like 2 main characters. Just like in GTA we have 3 main characters. But still, we have like no information on The Witcher 4 We only know that it’s in development.

6.Gears Of War 5


We all know that Gears Of War 4 Was Released in 2016. Epic Games said Gears Of War 5 is in development. We could see gears of war 5 soon. But will it include a battle royale mode like Fortnite? It depends if Microsoft wants to promote battle royale we could see a battle royale mode in gears of war 5. The best battle royale games currently are Player’s Unknown Battleground and Fortnite which is created by epic games (the developer of Gears Of War Games), But we are tired of battle royale we want to see something new.

7.Halo 6

With a massive success from Halo 5. We could see Halo 6 soon. Halo is Microsoft’s one of the main franchises. Halo 3 was the best halo game no doubt, but it was developed by Bungie which is no longer under contract by Microsoft. Now 343 Industries Create Halo games. Halo Has never been same since 343 Industries Took Over Halo. We aren’t saying that 343 Industries are bad, but halo doesn’t seem like halo anymore. The old halo games were the best, and everyone agrees on that one. We need that old halo feeling in Halo 6. If it has the feeling then mark my words, it will sell millions of copies.

8.BloodBorne 2/Shadows Die Twice

From Software teased a new trailer at last year’s Game Awards. It said Shadows Die Twice, But we still don’t know anything about it could it be a new bloodborne game? No one knows expect From Software. If yes it’s a bloodborne game. This time it would be a multi-platform and would be on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, unlike the first bloodborne game which was a ps4 exclusive game. Bloodborne was a huge success for From Software (Developers Of Bloodborne and dark souls) We could see a sequel soon.

9.Fable 4

According to our sources Fable, 4 is currently in Development. But Lion Head Studios are not developing fable 4 because lion head studios are like dead. This time Turn 10 Studios are developing the new fable game. Turn 10 Studios are best known for the Forza series. What could we expect from Fable 4? Would it be successful like God Of War 4? No one in the world currently knows that. Forza Games Never Fail To succeed. But what about a fable game developed by Turn 10. That’s Like saying God Of War Developed By A racing game developers. That would be weird, but you should never underestimate anyone.

10.Elder Scrolls VI

Bethesda said yes Elder Scrolls VI Would be made, but we still don’t know when. With all the RAGE 2 promo materials floating around, it’s obvious that Bethesda has its attention focused on that game, and that game only, so the chances that We would sneak in a quick Elder Scrolls 6 announcement is…questionable. No one knows if elder scrolls 6 is even in development we may get some information about Elder Scrolls VI at this year’s E3. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was a huge success. Skyrim Remastered Was released last year on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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